afleur-de-peau asked:
I live in Montréal. Cool, I'm vegan :)

awesome! love that! 

Reign Down // Banoffee

Watch Melbourne babe Banoffee's 'Reign Down' feat. impromptu choreography.Photo: Sheenalee & Danielle Sexton
I want all of you. The good, the bad… the beautiful, what you think is ugly (which I don’t see)… I want it all. I want all of you.
Full Circle // Half Moon Run
All Falls Down (feat. Syleena Jonson) // Kanye West
my lips tingled for days
and the nostalgia remains
Is This Love (Bob Marley Cover) // Corinne Bailey Rae
tread lightly
take photographs
make memories
leave reminders
just make sure they aren’t scars
Move Together // James Bay
love changes everything.
Any religious belief which is not conformable with scientific proof and investigation is superstition, for true science is reason and reality, and religion is essentially reality and pure reason; therefore, the two must correspond. Religious teaching which is at variance with science and reason is human invention and imagination unworthy of acceptance, for the antithesis and opposite of knowledge is superstition born of the ignorance of man. If we say religion is opposed to science, we lack knowledge of either true science or true religion, for both are founded upon the premises and conclusions of reason, and both must bear its test.
Leaving Blues // Bombay Bicycle Club
your body is not a temple
it is a well
with never-ending depth
and if i jump
i drown
Clothing not as an art.

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